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Becoming a Rotarian has never been easier

If you are interested in doing something useful in your local community; want to support interesting projects; maybe help out at Swindon’s Famous Duck Race; perhaps gain some new skills and put some old ones to good use all whilst being with some likeminded friends?   Rotary could be the answer.

We are looking for People of Action, people who don’t want to let the world go by without having influenced it.  Our members meet on Wednesdays, for breakfast at the Kings in Wood Street, before work, where we mull over ideas, hear some great speakers, get to really understand what is going on in our local community and look to see how we can help and yes have a laugh as well!    Our People of Action give as much of their time as suits their circumstances in return for friendship, contacts, and the satisfaction of making a difference in other people’s lives.


Membership of Rotary means that wherever you are in the world you can visit a club and know you have something in common.  Believe it or not there 1.2 million Rotarians spread over 35,000 + clubs in the world.  All are engaged in big and small projects to suit their community.

You could be working on really big projects like ridding the world of Polio and funding Shelterboxes during humanitarian disasters.  Or may be you would prefer to work with local projects like Rotary Youth Leadership programmes helping young people from Wiltshire reach their potential; taking Swindon youngsters on a Kids Out day trip; running the Young Photographer of the Year competition; organising (and playing in a Charity golf day); joining the Quiz team or simply selling duck tickets to your family and friends to enable us to support local charities to the tune of £10,000 a year.  There is something for everyone.

Want more information or to book a club visit?  Please contact Mike Dunn or Stephanie Trinci who would love to introduce you to the joys of being a Rotarian

PS if you are not a morning person and breakfast meetings are not your thing, there are four other clubs in Swindon all meeting at different times of the day.  We are happy to facilitate an introduction.